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Can't change email of users

PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:58 am
by CeesvW
Dear support team,

I can't change the email addresses of users on my PHPBB forum. I am currently using version 3.0.12 and have installed a AJAX chat and a add-user modification. I have installed the forum on my website as a application from my webhosting "Antagonist". All have worked well for a long time. Last month we discovered that it is not possible to change your email in the user control panel. Also, I can't change any email in the ACP. When you try to change your email you receive the notification that the email has been changed, but it didn't change in the account.

I have installed these 2 mods:
- acp_add_user_mod_1_1_1
- AJAX-Chat-0.8.6-phpbb3

An other problem is that my two admins their email is automatically changed to the administrator email of the web host "Antagonist". I have given my two admins the founder status. When i change the administrator email, the email of the founders change accordingly. When i change their founders status to "no", their email remain the same as a change the administer email.

- Users can't change their email in the user control panel
- I can't change the email of users in the administrator control panel
- Admins with the founder status all have the administrator email of my PHPBB forum application from the webhosting "Antagonist"

How can I resolve this?