Blank page after successful installation, need help

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Blank page after successful installation, need help

Postby cO5Mo on Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:02 pm

Hi everybody,
I had other versions of phpBB and also phpBBplus running on my webserver without any problems, but this one just doesnt want to work.

I downloaded phpbb-platinum-0.5beta, unpacked it and uploaded it to my webserver. The forum installation process runs smoothly, everything green, but after it's finished and click on the Button it shows me just a empty white page. The link is forum/adm/index.php?sid=475b8492b3991dd69141f140ef1eaf96.
No errors whatsoever. I looked at the server's error log, nothing there.

The phpbb3 without all the MODs works fine.
Hope you can help me,
Thanks in advance
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